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AMT METAL LTD is a subsidiary of RUNOUT LTD, a high-end leading CNC and Machining technology service provider. Combined With MICBAIM LTD the company has collected over 40 years of High-Tech, Industrial, and Medical experience.

Coupled with the most advanced additive manufacturing technology, AMT Metal offers industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal materials using MoldJet® technology developed by Tritone Technologies.

 We offer a variety of services including complementary services such as Engineering support, CNC fabrication, QC, Thermal processes, Finishing processes, Sub-Assemblies etc.

Moldjet® Technology

MoldJet® technology is suitable for a variety of industries: Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Consumer Electronics.


The MoldJet® process opens new possibilities in the design freedom of metal and ceramic components High-Mix and High-Volume productivity.  


 The best way to describe The MoldJet® process is DIGITAL MIM as the Metallurgy is the same.

Technology Highlights

  • High Mix - High Volume

  • Unlimited design possibilities

  • Fine detail

  • Smooth Surface

  • A wide choice of materials

  • Short TTM

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