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Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) or metal 3D printing has a great impact on the whole chain of product manufacturing, from the design and development stages to the manufacturing itself.

AM enables the creation of geometrical complex products that are beyond imagination and which can not be produced in any other way.

The geometrical freedom allows the production of lighter parts with low material waste while maintaining mechanical conditions. Also, parts that are produced from several independent parts with conventional manufacturing styles and assembled later, can be produced as a single.


AM reduces the time to market since it's a fast route from CAD to a physical product. In light of all this, the technology is being used in a wide range of industries from automotive to medical applications.

We use Tritone® Dominant Industrial AM System

Tritone® DOMINANT® is an innovative additive manufacturing (AM) system that enables  industrial production of high-quality metal parts. The system is based on Tritone’s unique patent-pending MoldJet® technology, built for producing large quantities of high-density parts with complex geometries including moving elements and internal passages such as complex manifolds.

This system and technology are the first real AM for industrial use, combining throughput, materials, parts size, repeatability and precision. Due to the layer-by-layer design, the production of complex components with undercuts or even internal channels is possible.

Technology Highlights

  • High Mix - High Volume

  • Unlimited design possibilities

  • Fine detail

  • Smooth Surface

  •  A wide choice of materials

  • Short TTM

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