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AMT METAL LTD is a subsidiary of RUNOUT LTD (, a high-end leading CNC Tier 2 Aerospace standard Machining technology service provider. Combined With MICBAIM LTD the company has collected over 40 years of High-Tech, Industrial, Medical and Aerospace experience.

Coupled with the most advanced additive manufacturing technology, AMT Metal offers industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal materials using MoldJet® technology developed by Tritone Technologies.

MoldJet® technology is suitable for a variety of industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Firearms, Industrial and Consumer Electronics. The MoldJet® process opens new possibilities in the design freedom of metal and ceramic components High-Mix and High-Volume productivity.  Best way to describe The MoldJet® process is DIGITAL MIM as the Metallurgy is the same.

Tritone® Dominant Industrial AM System

Tritone® DOMINANT is an innovative additive manufacturing (AM) system that enables industrial production of high-quality metal parts. The system is based on Tritone’s unique patent pending MoldJet® technology, built for producing large quantities of high-density parts with complex geometries including moving elements and internal passages such as complex manifolds.

This system and technology are the first real AM for industrial use, combining throughput, materials, parts size, repeatability and precision. Due to the layer-by-layer design, the production of complex components with undercuts or even internal channels is possible.

Technology Highlights:

  • High Mix - High Volume

  • Unlimited design possibilities

  • Fine detail

  • Smooth Surface

  • Wide choice of materials

  • Short TTM

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